Forms & Permits

The forms on this page are in Adobe PDF format. If you need Adobe Reader, you can download the most recent version of it for free here.

The City of Grand Haven accepts electronic payments for Taxes, Water/Sewer, and Cost Recovery Invoices. Make these payments online at Point and Pay.

Boards & Commissions Forms

Application to Serve [PDF] 293KB
Application to Serve (Online Submission)

Planning Commission

Request for Zoning Change [PDF] 48.7KB
Lot Split and Combination Application [PDF] 51.9KB
Site Plan Review Application [PDF] 69.3KB
Land Use Permit Application [PDF] 21.5KB
Landmark Sign Permit Application [PDF] 59.6KB
Planned Development Rezoning Application [PDF] 41.4KB
Special Land Use Permit Application [PDF] 68.2KB
Sensitive Areas Overly Permit Application [PDF] 63.4KB

Zoning Board of Appeals

ZBA Application [PDF] 53.5KB

Departmental Forms

Assessing Office

Homestead Exemption Affidavit [PDF] 59.2KB
Request to Rescind/Withdraw Homestead Exemption [PDF] 64.1KB
Property Transfer Affidavit [PDF] 46.7KB
Address Change [PDF] 14.9KB

City Manager

Lighthouse Award Nomination Form [PDF] 96.7KB
Access to and Use of Public Property [PDF] 192.1KB
Encroachment Permit Application [PDF] 664.2KB
2015 Calendar Photo Submission [PDF] 28.1KB
2015 Calendar Photo Submission (Online)

Clerk’s Office

Auction/Auctioneer [PDF] 305.3KB
Bed & Breakfast [PDF] 304.8KB
Building Mover (Yearly) License [PDF] 303KB
Building Wrecker (Yearly) License [PDF] 303KB
General Permit Application [PDF] 302.6KB
Going Out of Business Sale Application [PDF] 309.3KB
Insurance Claim Form [PDF] 88.9KB
Junk Dealer License [PDF] 108.1KB
Metal Detectors License [PDF] 284.1KB
New Business Notification [PDF] 48.2KB
Pedicab Business License [PDF] 340.4KB
Pedicab Operators License [PDF] 320.6KB
Permanent Vendor Application [PDF] 307.3KB
Sewer Backup Insurance Claim [PDF] 328.5KB
Solicitors & Transient Merchants License [PDF] 328.1KB
Sound Truck (General Permit Application) [PDF] 302.6KB
Taxicab Business License [PDF] 308.6KB
Taxicab Driver’s License [PDF] 285.9KB
Taxicab Addition to Existing License [PDF] 51.3KB

Community Affairs

Special Events Policy [PDF] 37.5KB
Special Events Application [PDF] 20.7KB
City Parks & Beach Application [PDF] 121KB
Mulligan’s Lodge Reservation Form [PDF] 32.3KB

Community Center

Rental Application [PDF] 32.7KB

Election Information

Election Inspector Application
Absent Voter Application

Human Resources

Employment Application [PDF] 27.3KB

Information Technology

Website Feedback Form (Online Submission)

Planning & Community Development

Permit Applications and Fee Changes 2013 [PDF] 203.8KB
Administrative Approval Application [PDF] 29.5KB
Amendment of an Approved Planned Development Application [PDF] 33.2KB
Building Permit Fees Table [PDF] 109.6KB
Building Permit Application [PDF] 190.6KB | Instructions [PDF] 24.5KB
Change of Use Application [PDF] 32KB
Commercial/Industrial Building Permit Application [PDF] 171.8KB
Construction Demolition Certificate of Understanding [PDF] 93.7KB
Construction Valuation Chart [PDF] 68.5KB
Contractor Registration [PDF] 15.1KB
Demolition Application [PDF] 58.3KB
Electrical Permit Application [PDF] 149.2KB
Fence Permit Application [PDF] 69.1KB
Home Occupation Application [PDF] 70.2KB
Homeowner Rehabilitation Program (NIP Grant Application) [PDF] 109KB
Land Use Permit Application [PDF] 21.5KB
Lot Split and Combination Application [PDF] 51.9KB
Mechanical Permit Application [PDF] 154.9KB
Moving Permit Application [PDF] 68.3KB
Permit Application Instructions [PDF] 33.4KB
Permit Requirements [PDF] 17.6KB
Planned Development Rezoning Application [PDF] 41.4KB
Plumbing Permit [PDF] 132.3KB
Rental Registration [PDF] 54.7KB
Request for Zoning Change (Planning Commission) [PDF] 48.7KB
Retaining Wall Permit Application [PDF] 55.1KB
Site Plan Review Application (Planning Commission) [PDF] 69.3KB
Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application [PDF] 116.3KB
Sign Permit Application [PDF] 41.2KB
Special Inspection Application [PDF] 176.3KB
Landmark Sign Permit Application (Planning Commission) [PDF] 56.9KB
Sensitive Area Overlay Permit Application (Planning Commission) [PDF] 63.4KB
Special Land Use Permit Application (Planning Commission) [PDF] 68.2KB
Temporary Use Permit Application [PDF] 106.3KB
ZBA Application (ZBA) [PDF] 53.5KB

Public Works

Pot Hole Report (Online Submission)
Right of Way Permit Application [PDF] 380.2KB
Water Pollution Report Form [PDF] 960.9KB
Water/Sewer Tap Permit Application [PDF] 16KB

Public Safety

Complaint Form [PDF] 407.7KB
Compliment Form [PDF] 331.4KB
Downtown Parking Informational Brochure [PDF] 1.2MB
Downtown Parking Permit Application [PDF] 27.8KB
Emergency Contact Form [PDF] 118.6KB
Fire Safety Audit Worksheet [PDF] 85.8KB
Parking Appeals Procedures [PDF] 15.2KB
Police & Fire Reports Procedures [PDF] 296.7KB
Precious Metal & Gem Dealer Registration [PDF] 479.4KB
Private Property Crash Report [PDF] 32.9KB
Special Event Tent Form [PDF] 399.9KB
Water Pollution Report Form [PDF] 960.9KB

Treasurer’s Office

Downtown Parking Informational Brochure [PDF] 1.2MB
Downtown Parking Permit Application [PDF] 27.8KB
Property Tax Automatic Payment Enrollment Form [PDF] 45.2KB
Summer Tax Deferment Form [PDF] 157.6KB

Water Billing

Automatic Payment Enrollment Form [PDF] 74.6KB


Nondomestic/Industrial User Survey Form [PDF] 200.4KB

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

FOIA Summary [PDF] 91.8KB
Grand Haven FOIA Procedures & Guidelines [PDF] 14.6KB
FOIA Request (General) [PDF] 108.5KB
FOIA Request (Department of Public Safety) [PDF] 527.1KB

Click here to view the entire Freedom of Information Act

Upcoming Community Events

Ottawa County Fair

July 23, 2014 / July 26, 2014
All Day
Ottawa County Fairgrounds

The annual fair near Lake Macatawa has all of the classic attractions like a carnival midway with rides, food booths, 4-H and livestock shows, demolition derby and off road racing, photography show, horse racing and more.

For the full event schedule, visit the fair's website at

Contact Information:
Ottawa County Fair Association
Phone: 616-399-4904

Trip to Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

July 23, 2014
08:00 AM / 08:00 PM
Loutit District Library

The $70 registration includes bus fare, admission to both venues, and snacks and bottled water on the bus.

Lunch and dinner are not included, but a variety of food options are available on site for lunch and we will be stopping at the Brighton Cracker Barrel for dinner on the way home.

8 a.m: Depart the Library from the Fourth Street Parking Lot
11a.m. to 5 p.m: Spend the day on your own exploring Greenfield Village and/or Henry Ford Museum
6 p.m: Stop for dinner at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Brighton
9 p.m: Arrive back at Loutit District Library

Register at the Public Computing Desk located in the Public Computing Room on the Lower Level of the Library. Payment is due at time of registration.

Registration closes at noon on July 9.

Cancellations with a full refund will be accepted until July 9. After that date, money is non-refundable.

Contact Person: Larry Halverson
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 616.842.5560 x222

Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival

July 25, 2014 / August 3, 2014
All Day
Grand Haven - Various Locations

The Coast Guard Festival is a unique, premier 10 day national military festival, whose mission is to honor the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard. During the ten days of the festival, there are opportunities for all to attend and participate. From parades, waterfront entertainment, and fireworks, to the National Memorial Service, Street Dance and Kids Day the festival allows for reflection, celebration, and solidifying the historical relationship between the Coast Guard and Grand Haven.

Contact Information:
Mike Smith
Phone: 616-846-5940

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