Theme: Pets

The City of Grand Haven produces an annual wall calendar that has become a staple of City life in Grand Haven. The calendar shares information about City services, lists all public meetings, and displays the dates of all special events and festivals throughout the year. In past years, graphic content featured our churches, parks, festivals, industry and residential properties. In 2019 we turn to our furry friends for the pictorial content.

City residents, property owners, and visitors are asked to submit a HIGH RESOLUTION photograph of your favorite pet IN A SETTING THAT REFLECTS SOME SPECIAL OR POINT OF INTEREST IN GRAND HAVEN. Winning entries will be featured in the calendar, so get that great picture of your dog, cat, ferret, bird or even your goldfish in an identifiable setting, such as a land feature, restaurant, store, business, manufacturer, artifact, piece of art, etc.; creativity is everything!

To be eligible, each submission must be of high resolution and be taken at a recognizable location in Grand Haven. Please include the following information:
• Full Name
• Residing Address
• Email address
• Phone number
• Pet name(s)
• Breed/type and age of animal
• Comment and detail about significance of point of interest IN GRAND HAVEN

The Mayor and City Staff will review all submissions and select winning photographs to fill the pages of the 2019 calendar. Successful submissions will include a high resolution picture and substantial detail about the point of interest that is featured. All submissions must be received by August 1, 2018 at City Hall, 519 Washington Avenue or may be emailed to Mary Angel. The City’s maximum allowed attachment size for emails is 15 Megabytes, so please be mindful when sending your photos or they will not get through. If you have multiple submissions you will probably want to send them individually. Please call (616) 847-4888 with questions.

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