Investigative Unit


Lieutenant Joseph Boyle

The Investigative Unit is comprised of one detective, one patrol officer who divides his time between road patrol and investigations, one fire marshal and one officer assigned to the West Michigan Enforcement Team. WEMET is an undercover narcotics concept team under the direct supervision of the Michigan State Police. The team is comprised of officers from numerous agencies throughout Ottawa County, GHDPS has been participating in this worthwhile endeavor for several years.





Bryan Tithof, Detective


The police investigators are responsible for conducting investigations on criminal complaints that require a great deal of time and attention. Detective Bryan Tithof currently holds the detective position. Detective Tithof was promoted to the position in September of 2004. Officer Eric Rasch assists Detective Tithof with investigations. Officer Rasch has been a member of the agency since 1997, serving in many different capacities including acting as a senior officer and serving with WEMET for a two year period. Officer Rasch currently divides his time between both road patrol duties and investigations.
The investigators responsibilities are numerous and include: crime scene processing, interview and interrogation of victims/suspects, surveillance and plain clothes details. The detectives are also responsible for the processing, storage and destruction of all evidence.

They not only work very closely with one another but interact with other agency detectives in an effort to share information and solve crimes affecting all communities in northern Ottawa County. The detectives often work very long and unfavorable hours to complete their investigations. Their efforts are truly appreciated.

Another function of the Investigations Division is to provide support to victims of crimes during the course of an investigation. Both the crime victims and the community benefit from the prosecution and punishment of criminals.

To contact a detective, please call the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety at (616) 842-3460.

Fire Marshal



James Kibart, Fire Marshal


James Kibart  is the Fire Marshal for GHDPS. Kibart was promoted to the Fire Marshal position in 2017. Kibart is responsible for conducting fire inspections, fire investigations, rental home inspections, maintaining Firefighter Right-to-Know data (as required by MIOSHA), SCBA maintenance, SCBA and gas mask fit testing and assisting in the training of the PSO Is. Hudson also oversees the SARA Title III sites which are complexes storing dangerous chemicals including underground storage tanks.


WeedW.E.M.E.T. (West Michigan Enforcement Team) is a multi-agency, task force under the direction of the Michigan State Police, comprised of officers from West Michigan law enforcement agencies throughout Ottawa, Muskegon and Allegan Counties. This team of law enforcement personnel enforces major drug trafficking crimes and money laundering operations throughout West Michigan. Currently GHDPS has an officer assigned to the task force.

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety’s participation in the program is extremely vital. It affords officers the opportunity to become specialized in recognizing and enforcing drug related issues, as well as, giving them a chance to gain advanced police skills in search and seizure, interrogation techniques, high-risk felony arrests, and intelligence gathering. The knowledge and skills gained from this experience are unparalleled with other opportunities within the department. In addition, and of equal importance, are the benefits brought to the City of Grand Haven and it’s community members as a result of our participation in WEMET.